they roared vintage

Taking the Plunge

they roared vintage

I opened it in 2008, and then discovered I was pregnant my third child in as many years and realised that maybe my timing was not great. Since then I have looked at it, made little banners for it, added terms and conditions, and even put some ‘made to order’ items in it. But I have never really been brave enough to do anything with it. And you know what, I bet I am not alone in this.

Well this week I am going to open my Etsy Shop.

Etsy Shop


I did feel like I am not quite good enough yet, but I am slowly coming to the realisation that most people who make things for a living feel like that a lot of the time. It is in some ways necessary to drive us forward to improve what we do, but it can cause anxious sorts like me to have frequent Crises of Confidence.

Whatever the reason for my tardiness, I know Etsy is a good place, and I had written it down on my To Do list. I hope my toys will be happy in among all the lovely things in there .

Asta minky kitten doll


Asta will be the first of my kitten dolls launched in my Etsy Shop, she is a pretty pink one of a kind minky kitten, I have used some of my favourite Kokka print ‘Folksy Toys’ to make her dress.  I hope you can join us for the event this Friday evening. We are both very excited about it!


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2 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. I know the feeling too! Etsy is still on my to-do list, mind you I’ve only just sorted out my Folksy shop. One thing at a time. xx

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