designing labels

New Year, New labels!

I couldn’t sleep last night. I am in that phase at the beginning of the year where I have to tidy the studio, sort out my tax return and order new materials. I do really enjoy it, it is cathartic after the  months of manic Christmas rush, and then Christmas itself, to tidy up and set out my plans for the new year, but it can also set my mind racing with ideas.

Two things I have tinkered with are my logo, and my labels. I will talk about the logo later, but for now I wanted to talk CE labels.

I have to put labels on my toys for traceability and so the CE mark is displayed at the point of sale. You can read more about CE marking in my blog post here. They need to have certain pieces of information on – the CE logo, of course, a model reference code, a batch number and my address, washing instructions and a note about the tag itself. Instead of a batch number, I prefer to use a name for the toy and a date of ‘manufacture’, or birthday, as we tend to call it. Each of my toys are unique and I feel that a name and birthday reflects this quite well.

As you can see, it’s a lot on one little tag. I was thinking about tags as forms of identity. Going to see the Paddington film reminded me of perhaps the most iconic label ever on a bear, I remember the toy Paddington when I was little, and the label was always one of the Important Details you looked for as a child.

Paddington Bear label

It is reminiscent of the pictures of evacuees during the 2nd World War. All standing in rows waiting.



Anyway, I am digressing. I was thinking about these emotional things and how they contrast with the legal information I need to put on the labels. Then I thought of Avery Inventory Tags.

Inventory Tags

Oh I love these things. I also have collections of rubber stamps used for inventory tracking, from the days of giant ledger desks and hand written records. But i will talk about rubber stamps another time.  I really enjoy mixing personal things with these sorts of bureaucratic forms.

When the shirt I had bought for Al for his Christmas present came all rolled up and fastened with and inventory tag, that was it. I knew I wanted to use them for my new CE labels.

designing labels

Today I have set about making them. I sketched out a plan in my sketchbook and then used a business card template to design them in Illustrator. I have decided to use a basic business card at the main body of my label, as Inventory tags are a bit large for many of my toys, and the basic business card is simple enough to have printed.

Here is part of my new label design. I don’t want to show you the complete label until I have told you about my new logo design.

tag design

I have ordered them, so I just have to wait for them to arrive!




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