The Idea is the Thing

towerkitty2I don’t know if you know, but I design all of my patterns myself.

Sometimes people ask where my ideas come from. The answer is alarmingly simple and yet difficult to pinpoint exactly.

I draw upon a thing that is very special to me, and it has been a close friend to me all of my life. It is my creative imagination. I trained in Fine Art, Sculpture and Printmaking. I have learned to generate ideas from my imagination and synthesise them into something new and unique. This is a skill I have worked hard at over many years in a variety of materials.

My ideas come from deep within me.  The cats and other creatures are things I have drawn all my life and have become part of who I am. Inspiration comes from life, from events and from things in the real world, and from stories and dreams.

The idea is the thing. The idea has always been the thing for me. It is the idea that drives everything else, it dictates the materials I choose, the techniques I use, my emotional response and what it will ultimately look like. If the idea was not my own, what would be the point?

In tiny businesses like mine, everyone is trying to look busy and successful, and it is so easy to worry that others are doing better than yourself.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt’s statement would seem on the face of it the perfect quote for modern social interaction.

But really, take heart. Because when I get disheartened I know I just have to hang in there until “ping” in my head – a fresh, newborn idea is born. And so I begin anew.

I am grateful for the ability to have ideas. I am enormously grateful to find there are people who appreciate my ideas. This other stuff, it’s just like monday mornings, and having to put laundry away, it just something that we have to live with, and it’s best not to dwell on it too much.

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