Hallowe’en Spooktacular!

For a while I thought of creating themed kittens, but had been a bit nervous they would not be popular. As it turned out, people seem to really take to my Hallowe’en kittens! I had a fabulous time making them.

group photo

PinkyMinky’s Halloween Spooktacular Collection.

zombie kitten

Ana was the first one I made, a rather sweet Zombie kitten!


Celeste – Vampire Kitten! I was really pleased how she came out, with her special bat cape!

Zombie Kitten

Henry – Zombie Kitten. I rather impressed myself with his ‘bone arm’, I have to admit!


Skelly-Cat I was rather in love with. He did, however, take rather a long time to complete!


Gypsy is the first of my new range of cuddle cats. She is a variation on my Polly cat, but I wanted a more Siamese cat look. These bigger cats are very warm and cuddly because they are made from fleece.


Spellbinder is another of my new cuddle cats, I enjoyed creating the new eyes and body shape.


And finally, this is Tabitha, a large cotton cat. I especially love her dress fabric.

I hope you enjoy looking at these kittens as much as I enjoyed making them! I am already planning my next edition of themed kittens – they will be in my Woodland Forage Facebook Market Night on November 7th.

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