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Taking a stroll with an idea – my favourite sketchbook.

My favourite type  of sketchbook is a Leporello book. The folded pages are laid alternately front to back to form a concertina. Sometimes I make these myself (the big one at the back of this photo is one of mine), but I also get a nice supply of them from here.

leporello sketchbooks

Some of my Leporello Sketchbooks

The term Leporello is attributed to Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. Leporello is the manservant to the infamous womaniser Don Giovanni, and he keeps an expanding accordion style book listing his masters exploits.

These styles of books are great for picture books, also for lists, and expanding ideas – I really like formulating ideas visually using visual references in the style of  mind maps, and these types of books are great for this. I hate to turn a page mid way through an idea – with a leporello sketchbook, you don’t have to.

you can carry on the page through the whole book if you like

you can carry on the first page through the book if you like

This style of book was popular during the Victorian era – used as picture books and visual travel books. There is a lovely little gallery of some here.

These are great books to make with children, I  have had many enjoyable workshops with children of different ages making these books. If you want to have a go at making some with your children, I can’t recommend this book highly enough, it has lots of ideas in it that really work.


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    Lovely to see you’re still making your amazing books!! Xx Mum
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