What am I Good at?

tiny bunny

It seems on the face of it a simple enough question. And yet there are times when you ask yourself this and the only thing you can do is think of things that you are most definitely not good at. Getting up in the morning, remembering to leave the cheque out for the milkman, being positive about yourself.

Okay, then let’s try another angle. What aspect of your work do you enjoy? That I think is a bit easier to answer. I enjoy creating new things. I enjoy developing an idea into a finished, real world thing. When I am creating something new, I am in the zone. Time and everything else around me slips away and I am right there, in the moment.

But am I good at it?

Self doubt is the big looming shadow in the cave, just waiting to pounce.

Waving degree certificates and distinction awards do not easily scare it off. Social media are challenging for introverts like me, but if you can try not to worry about how many likes you get for a photo, and focus instead on how many people are with you, engaged with and enjoying the path you are taking, it is a great source of encouragement.

And then there are your customers. In my case, it’s not just the person who buys the thing, it’s the person (usually a little person) who takes it home and makes it an important part of their world. And I know this happens, because so many lovely people tell me this happens. The trick is remembering to listen when they are telling you these things, because praise is a difficult thing to hear sometimes.

One of the main things I am good at is making things.

And working hard at getting better at the things I do well.

I have lots to learn. But I am good at learning.

tiny bunny





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