Spring Giveaway!


**GiveAway Closed**

This prize is extra special – it is a chance to win my Original Tiny Kitty! She comes with a little reversible dress and bed, and her own gift box.

If you’d like the chance to win her  – all you need to do is visit my Facebook page here share the giveaway picture on your Facebook page and pop back to my blog and let me know you’ve shared!

You must leave a comment on this post to be entered into the draw. It would be lovely to know why you would like to win Tiny Kitty, and what name you might give her.
Giveaway closes Friday 11th April at 8pm. Go on share the love! xxx

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31 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway!

  1. Shared..I would lpve to win kitty for my daughter and I would name her Blossom..thanks x

  2. Laura Jane Wilson on said:

    I would love to win this beautiful well made lovely toy! My son and baby eve this year will love it but also for me as I love toys too 😀 I would call it Memphis after my childhood black cat 🙂

  3. Shared, I would love to win her for my daughters 1st birthday and I would call her Prudence

  4. Jacqui on said:

    My daughter would love this as she has to give ‘Billy Bear’ back to Playgroup this week. She had him over the weekend and LOVED looking after him, putting him to bed etc. No doubt Tiny Kitty would be called ‘Billie’ 🙂

  5. Imogen Adie on said:

    Shared, my girls already have a kitty each from you that they got as gifts for Christmas from their great Aunty and they are lovely xx

  6. Georgia on said:

    She’s adorable! I would like to win her for my daughter, I would call her Missy Kitty.

  7. in a few months my daughter nancy will have a new baby brother or sister…eek! i would love to give her kitty as a gift before the baby comes to help prepare her and give her something very special to look after too. i would call her… Rose x

  8. Kelly Donovn on said:

    These kitties are so beautiful, I know a lovely little girl that would love one…………..
    However I don’t think I could bring myself to part with it once it was in my possesion?

  9. Natalie H on said:

    Just came accross you’d site and love your stuff, would love to win Tiny Kitty for my Goddaughter. She loves my cat but her mum is allergic and unable to have one of her own. I’d let her choose the name and haven’t a clue what she’d come up with! Haha

  10. Shared, I want her for me 😉 super cute x

  11. I love her!! I have shared and would call her Jessica cat!

  12. Shared (fb name : Azura Chan). I’d to win her for my daughter. She really loves black cat. Perhaps we would name her Dainty.

  13. Sara Webb on said:

    Shared! I love her and would call her Rosie. I would give her to my daughter for working so hard for her upcoming GCSE exams. Xxxx

  14. Nat Wright on said:

    She is gorgeous!! My little boy said he would take her and hide her until Mother’s Day for me 🙂 x

  15. Rachel Williams on said:

    Hi PinkyMinky 🙂 we would love this for Abigails 4th birthday in April, she said she’ll call her Kitty Cat ❤

  16. becki gladdis on said:

    Shared-too cute for words. We would call her Lani the name our nearly 4 year old nephew William calls our 5 month old girl Nelani 🙂

  17. Love her, my daughter reckons she should be called Corellia Coaldust 🙂

  18. I would love to win the tiny kitty, I would keep her for myself and name her Amelia Anne Stiggins after a little black cat I had in the eighties.

  19. Claire Benson on said:

    She is beautiful I would call her beatrice and give her to my little girl for her birthday as shes 5 this year and starting school at same time shes also been the best big sister to her new baby brother and shes not allowed a real cat as her dad’s alergic lol x

  20. Lottie could start her very first collection of your tiny kittens and the one we already have would love to have a tiny friends to play with too xxx

  21. Shared – Will would love her and she could play with his invisible cats

  22. Louise M on said:

    Shared! I gave my daughter Fudge the cat for becoming a big sister so this would be a perfect little sister cat for little sister! She’d be called Treacle!

  23. Lynn Doe on said:

    My daughter saw her and thinks she is lovely and sweet and would name her Miss Meow

  24. Shared and liked, loving your new little kitties and brooches. You makes go from strength to strength.

  25. Christine on said:

    I would love to win inky kinky for my Grandaughter I would call her BELLA.

  26. Christine on said:

    I mean minky

  27. Liked and Shared, I would call her Daisy.

  28. Eva Robinshaw on said:


  29. Eva Robinshaw on said:

    thinking she might be a doris…..

  30. Eva Robinshaw on said:

    ……and I would love to keep her myself but i think my 5 year old twin girls may have other ideas…….

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