Tiny Kitty

Pocket books, pocket watches, pocket handkerchiefs. There is something deliciously tactile about things that you can hold in your hand. It’s possibly my background in sculpture that inspires my preoccupation with scale. I have a want to make a big toy some days, and the next I just want a tiny thing that you could cradle in your hand.


Tiny Kitty is a kitty for the hand, for the pocket. Someone to sit on your pillow and listen to your secrets. She has her own little bed, though I am not sure she is sleepy all that often.


She can travel anywhere you go, and has an outfit she can change to suit any engagement.


I think she is the sort of kitty who is always ready for an adventure.  She is tiny in scale but not in spirit.


When it is time for bed, you can snuggle her down, and sing her a little song.



Tiny Kitty’s friends will be available in my shop very soon.



But for now, it is time for her nap.


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4 thoughts on “Tiny Kitty

  1. givelovehope on said:

    Oh mY goodness! Precious!

  2. That is so cute adorable kitty! Irresistible! 🙂

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