lunch bag giveaway

PinkyMinky’s Swooper Dooper Spring Giveaway!

lunch bag giveaway

OOh how exciting! Ok so, the prize this time is a lunch bag, made from any of the lunch bag fabrics in my lunch bag fabrics album on my page. Please note, the fabrics have to be in stock.

If you’d like the chance to win a wonderful unique lunch bag – all you need to do is visit my Facebook page here share the PinkyMinky’s Swooper Dooper Spring Giveaway! on your Facebook page and pop back to my blog and let me know you’ve shared!

You must leave a comment on this post to be entered into the draw. I would love to know what you propose to use the lunch bag for, if you were to win it. Is it for you, or for someone else – and what is your favourite packed lunch?
Giveaway closes Sunday 05th May 2013 at midnight. Go on share the love! xxx

p.s., If you cannot wait to see if you win, there are some bags available to buy now, over in my shop

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30 thoughts on “PinkyMinky’s Swooper Dooper Spring Giveaway!

  1. Ann Wymer on said:

    Such beautiful items. Made with love.

  2. Jacqui on said:

    I would LOVE to take one of your gorgeous lunch bags out on a picnic this summer… It would be for my beautiful daughter, to carry her favourite treats – most probably cheese and pesto rolls with a handful of strawberries! It’s highly likely she would choose the penguin design, as she has an obsession with ‘Happy Feet’ at the moment 🙂

  3. Alison on said:

    I would love to win one of your lunch bags to take with me to work. They are gorgeous, much better than the boring one I have at the moment 🙂

  4. Have shared and love it!

  5. Alice on said:

    I would love to win one of your lunch boxes for me to take to work when I go back after maternity leave. I am keen to eat healthy and try and lose the baby weight and your lunch bag would steer me away from bad temptations

  6. Kimberley on said:

    Loving the collection pictured together:) I would be the envy of the staff room at lunchtime if I had one:)

  7. Charlotte Binns on said:

    Gorgeous lunch bags 🙂 I would keep it for myself to use for work…would cheer me up every lunch time x

  8. Eleanor Lloyd on said:

    Loved and shared x

  9. I’ve Just shared this 🙂

    I would use it for myself! I’m a dog groomer so need somewhere to hide my food from the cheeky doggies 🙂


  10. Jacqui J on said:

    Still no day job so no need to buy one, but if I were to win one, that would be just peachy xx

  11. Julie Neylon on said:

    Just shared the lunch bag giveaway. They are so cute and colourful, great ideas for presents!!

  12. Sienna Davids on said:

    If I won this it would have to be for me – they’re so sweet I don’t think I could bare to part with it! 😮 As for my fav packed lunch….Hmmm….avocado and boiled egg herb leaf salad with an olive oil dressing and crusty bread to mop up the leftovers – yum!

  13. Tricia Nicholls on said:

    Tricia N

    These are gorgeous, I would keep it and use it for my lunch for work. x

  14. Michelle Marsland on said:

    Just shared this..

    My little boy has a cool lunch bag so I think it’s my turn now!! Great when we have mini picnics in the park! Xx

  15. Tammy Warnick on said:

    Love your collection! You Rock!! Shared!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Lovely!

    I would use mine to take my dinner to work and be the envy of all the IG ladies

    Love Jane xx
    PS shared on farcebook

  17. Hi Jane, how lovely another giveaway! It’s just what I suggested last time, a gorgeous lunchbag! If I were lucky enough to win it, I’d love it to be made in the Michael Miller Ponies fabric and it would be for my daughter Lily, who’d carry her favourite Tuna/sweetcorn and mayo sandwiches to school in it everyday. She’d definitely be the envy of all of her friends with such a beautifully made unique lunchbag.

  18. Rachel on said:

    Shared 🙂
    The lunch bag would be for my little boy to pack his lunch for our fun filled adventure days. We just need Mr Sunshine to come out to play. He is pretty adventurous with food so no would enjoy anything in his lunch bag

  19. Love the lunch bags and should I win one it would be MINE all mine! I would fill it with yummy homemade breads and salad from the garden

  20. Bev Howie on said:

    Lovely bags, one with owls would be lovely for Mireille XX

  21. Well, if I was lucky enough to win one there is no way I’d be able to part with it! I can see it now ‘Where did you get that gorgeous bag from Vicki?’ Well PinkyMinky of course, don’t you know!
    (shared 🙂 )

  22. Nat Wright on said:

    If I won it would be for me, and only me to keep my yummy wraps in until lunch – would need to be pink to keep the boys mucky mits off it…. 🙂

  23. If I won it would be for me, to keep my yummy wraps in until lunch – it would have to be pink to keep the boys mucky mits off it x 🙂

  24. Michelle Harvey on said:

    Liked and shared.

    Love these, would really cheer up my return to work after Maternity Leave 🙂 x

  25. Hi, these are lovely so I’ve shared your Facebook post! Far too good to be just for kids, everyone should have one!😃

  26. Rachael on said:

    I would love to have such a lovely lunch bag for work. X

  27. Rachael on said:

    I have liked and shared. Would love such a lovely lunch bag for work. X

  28. Linda Young on said:

    I believe
    it was the designer William Morris who said ‘Have nothing in your home unless it is either useful or beautiful.’ I think he’d approve of your bags – they’re both 🙂

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