Little Kittens

I have always had a thing for drawing cats. I have always had a cat, so maybe this is why. The cats I draw always have really round faces and big smiling mouths, so when I started making toy cats it seemed inevitable that they would be the same.

phoebe waving

Phoebe is one of my most recent cats. She has hand stitched detail, including the satin paws she is showing off in this photo. Phoebe was the name of my old cat. She was not yellow, but I loved her very much, and I put a lot of love into the handstitching on this cat, so it seemed to fit.


I love animals in outfits, and since cats always seem so particular about how they look, I thought they should wear smart clothes.

My very first attempts at making cats from fabric, look rather peculiar, but they have big smiles and jazzy outfits, eve if they clearly don’t have enough stuffing!


A big change was the eyes. I was never happy with the eyes. I didn’t want pointy cay eyes, so the big round Felix the Cat type eyes seemed a good way to go.


I also wanted them to have a vintage look, so I used vintage linens. I really liked these little kittens.

black kittens

But the vintage linens would not work easily with CE Marking, so I chose some other ways of doing it. From my original idea of the current kittens, many variations have appeared, each with their own personality!

kitten sketch





I am never too sure what Ruffie makes of my creations,though!

If you would like one of my kittens, you can often find them in my shop

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  1. Nice site and I absolutely adore Phoebe (0:

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