Minky Mice

Minky Mouse Family 1

One of my first designs to undergo the rigorous testing required to CE MARK my toys, were my little Minky Mice. I had originally made a simple family of mice for my daughter for her birthday, I thought I might share their story..

My eldest daughter, Lula,  was turning 5, and asked me for a family of  toy mice for her birthday. I thought this an excellent idea, and spent some time collecting different fabrics that I thought would make lovely mice. I used a mix of vintage finds and felt, along with some scraps from my studio to make this family:

Vintage fabric mice

I was quite pleased with them, I bought a little shoe box type box and some ‘straw’ for their bed. It was the day before my daughter’s birthday, and we were chatting about the big day, and my daughter said, “I’m so looking forward to getting my family of mice, mummy! They are all going to be so white and fluffy and lovely”…OOPS!

I discussed the mouse thing with her a bit more, and realised that my daughter and I had a completely different image in our heads about how the mouse family was going to look!
After she had gone to bed, I duly raided my fleece stash and made this mouse family:

lulasmiceMuch as I loved making my original star-gazing mouse family, I do think Lula’s idea was better!

She was very pleased with her mouse family, and my husband made a wooden house to go with them, for Christmas – I will add some pictures to this post when I get chance. They are a much-loved toy, and played with by all three of my children every day.

I have over the year developed my mouse family, from the traditional star-gazing mouse, to my own original design. They are a very popular present with little girls and boys – I am very glad I listened to my daughter!

mixed up miceThough I do sometimes break out into bright colours!

Daisy mouse family

If you would like to order some mice, either message me, or visit my shop

Do you have a tale to tell about your makes? I would love to hear it! x

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