Catching all the Dribble in Style!

I really love my bandana bibs, and they are popular with my customers, but I no longer dribble, fortunately, and my children are over the teething stage, so  I asked Jo to test out some of my bibs on her youngest daughter, Chloe, as she was having a bit of a dribbly time… here is her testimonial – thanks Jo, and the gorgeous Chloe!

Chloe in her Bandana

Chloe loves her bandana bibs!

It’s a fact; I have the dribbliest toddler in Didsbury! We’re not talking a bit of teething dribble but a full on drenching 3 tops and vests kinda girl.  I’ve tried bibs – no use; they just get as soaked as her clothes. Then PinkyMinky asked me to road test some of her Bandana Bibs, I love the things that Jane makes and the fabrics are amazing but to be honest I didn’t hold out much hope (Sorry Jane)
First off, the fabrics and quality of the bibs are fabulous, they get quite a few comments, but more importantly THEY WORK, I have no idea how so I’ll leave Jane to baffle you with the fabric terms and science bit – one bib lasts all day.  The dribble that drenched my daughter’s hair and clothes now just seems to be magically absorbed into the bib, although where it stores it I have no idea.  Fleecy back of bib stays nice and dry against her and the front just seems to dry out too.  Anyway the only problem with them is…Jane only gave me three to road-test..I’ve ordered another four 😉

Great for snack time, too!

I am very pleased they work so well. It has something to do with the fleece. I use high quality, dense fleece. Polyester fleece is not itself waterproof, but dense fleece is water-repellant, whilst being very breathable. Because it allows excellent air exchange, wetness  can evaporate, keeping the area cooler allowing it to dry out. This, together with the fact that fleece makes a lovely, soft comfortable lining, makes for a fab bib!

To shop for bandana bibs, click here

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