Divide and Conquer

I spent many hours last night sorting out my fabric stash. I have gone through all the scraps tub and sorted them – Immy’s nursery School were very pleased with their collaging scraps!

I had bought some comic book boards, as suggested by the lovely Maggie in her blog Smashed Peas and Carrots.

They have worked brilliantly, though one pack was not enough, which leaves me slightly worried about the amount of fabric I have!

Little baskets are doing the trick for now, until I go back into town and visit Forbidden Planet to get some more boards. I think I was the only woman to visit that shop in a while, but the staff were very helpful.

Anyhow, I have moved my makes to the big linen press and put my cotton fabric in the smaller glass fronted cupboard. It’s not so deep and works better for stacking the fabric. I still have all the minky, fleece and interfacings to deal with in the big cupboard, but that is a project for another day.

Standing the fabrics up as mini bolts works really well, it makes for much less rummaging, which is what causes all the mess.

My Kona cottons have their own basket. They make a lovely rainbow!

And I have a box of useable scraps for lots of projects – my first idea is to use some of these self – covered buttons from my mother in law’s basket of notions.

A satisfying evening’s work, I think you’ll agree. Lets hope I can keep it tidy! xx

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