Cotton Reels- a bit of family history.

My mother in-law came to visit yesterday and brought a wonderful array of goodies. I am still sifting through them, but Al put my old typesetting draw up on the wall last night, so now I have somewhere attractive to store my threads.

The tray is one of a few we rescued from a skip during our art school days. It was a funny time- not quite the digital age but heading that way so we found quite a few old gems being scrapped for new technology, and the people doing the demolition were quite happy- if slightly bemused- to have a couple of art students collecting things before they moved the big wrecking machines in. Print factories, steam laundries- all sorts of places that were rapidly becoming obsolete.

Anyway, I’m not sure if you can tell from these slightly fuzzy pictures, but some of these cotton reels are quite old.I shan’t reveal my lovely mother in-law’s age here, but suffice to say she can remember the war very well. Her father was a Tailor- a cutter, to be precise, for a suit-makers. The large ‘Heggies’ reels came from his place of work. The old ‘Coats’ bobbins belonged to him, and his wife. Some of them belonged to her mother before that.

There are some fabulous threads- one with thread clearly marked for mending motorcycle seats, that my husband remembers very well. He could even remember the pictures on the cotton reels from his childhood.We all had a fabulous time talking about the memrories attached to all the items Margaret had brought with her. the children loved it.

It is lovely to have these things in my studio. I will post some more of them when I get chance.

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