Lovely new table!

new table

Well my studio is starting to look a lot better. We ebayed my old computer desks, which were far too large, and made a smaller one to go in the chimney alcove. Which meant I could put my lovely new table in the middle of the space, which is just great!
Al also put in a bit of kitchen counter for me, near the sink. Thanks, Al xx
It is quite shocking how a few years of having babies can have just a terrible effect upon the state of your studio. I had so little time to use it that it became a real dumping ground. It is getting there, slowly.

Do ou want to see some ‘before’ and ‘so far’ pictures? of course you do! They always look like someone waved a magic wand, don’t they?
Here are some ‘before’ shots.
this is meant to be my table for laying things out on!
There is a drawing table under here!
What a mess!

And this is how it looks now:
This is my new sink area
new computer deskNew computer desk, sadly my old G4 pictured here has gone, it just wasn’t up to it anymore, so I have the Macbook
This area still needs work!
And I promise there is a drawing table under here!

Anyway, it’s getting there.

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