New Year, New Blog!

Well I thought I’d start with a new blog- I will try to get around to putting up an archive of my old blog at some point, but it is amazing how quickly a day goes! I thought that once my youngest started school I would have so much time- but in actual fact a school day is quite short- especially when your house is as messy as mine.

So my first task now that Immy is at nursery school- and having a wonderful time, I might add- is to try to get our house in order. It has dawned on me that having 3 children in four years has made life quite hectic, so now it is time to take stock. Quite literally in some ways- because there is a lot of junk in our house and I need to clear it out. And there is the decorating, too…

But aside from all that, I have my fab studio and I have been making things- for my shops and for my darling children, and my lovely friends, and I hope to archive some of them here xx

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog!

  1. Jo Manning on said:

    Well, thought I’d best leave a comment here as I have been fortunate to have had some lovely things made by PinkyMinky. Not only has Jane made gorgeous dolls, monkeys and Cats for my girls over the years, not to mention the lovely elephant ( that my 2 year old has named Jane) but for my birthday I received the most gorgeous wallet. I believe the latter will be on sale soon…. so get one quick!!!!!

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