Immy’s New Dolly

Here is the little Dolly I made for Immy, my youngest. I made her using a nice piece of linen I had in my cupboard, and I used new wool for her hair.

I wanted to blend some of Immy’s favourite old clothes into this toy, and Immy really enjoys talking about the details of her dolly’s clothes and little bed. I found a very old and much-loved pair of Polarn O Pyret tights that my girls have finally worn out to make dolly’s legs.

To make the little pyjamas I chose the ‘Kipper Vest’  (Immy’s favourite vest which she is now outgrown; it has a little dog on the front).

I created a little sleeping bag bed from one of the old cot sheets and another cute vest.

Hopefully, Dolly will be a much-loved toy made from some old favourite things! x

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4 thoughts on “Immy’s New Dolly

  1. Ellena on said:

    This is so lovely. I love using the favourite clothes. It reminds me of a navy blue striped cat my Mum made me out of a soft nightdress I loved (I was about 10 or 11).

  2. Zoe Johnstone on said:

    I love this! Its so special to make for your little one out of her favourite clothes. afraid Im going to copy it for my little girl, she just loves her dollies and teddys, hope you dont mind? xx

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